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We are proud to showcase more Japanese talent in a brand new EP by Michiru Aoyama. Known for his haunting ambient tracks and his sense for art in all kind of forms he is definitely an artistic force to be reckoned with. Now he makes his debut at our imprint with his well-crafted EP called 'Loop'. Michiru delivers stunning track with intriguing guitar riffs, atmospheric pads beautiful melodic delays the track quickly turns in a melodic masterpiece.


Andrew Odd aka Timewave shows a totally different take on the original where deep space vibes and dynamic atmospheric pad layers dominate by rhythmic percussive drums and deep bass-line giving this remix distinctive character.


Moshimos showcases a memorable piece of art with a beautiful atmospheric Soundscape sound design that will will intrigue the listener to a whole new emotional level. 

Disquiet  Marc

about my track「ストレートディテール」

Michiru Aoyama’s glorious new track (Google Translate is failing thus far on this one’s title) is a sweeping, four-minute expanse of sonic cloud formations that turn round and round inside themselves. Glimmers surface and then become the foregrounded sound, only for another theme to pierce the veil and, at a slow pace, subsume everything that had preceded it. The piece isn’t grounded so much as tied to ocean imagery, for amid the haze is the sort of creaking that comes from a taut rope on a boat.


about my track 「www」

The four minutes of “Www” by Michiru Aoyama barely surface above the level of white noise. There is the constant dead-signal churn of nano-particulate sound, a cloud of tiny brittle things made soft through motion and spaciousness. Within them exists a deep, breath-like hum. Perhaps it is the wind that moves them. Perhaps it is the result of their motion. Perhaps it is some entity they mask. Perhaps it is the entity they become when grouped en masse. Whatever the fiction, the result is an encompassing sonic space.



about my track「パラレル」

 The white noise could be static or surf. The hum could be hushed vocals or a deep sine wave. The piece is “パラレル” — which I believe translates to parallel. It’s a track by Michiru Aoyama, who is based in Kamakura, Japan, and it is a blissful slice of determined ambient music. Tonally is is consistent and remote, the sort of thing that requires a fair amount of concentration to accept as foreground listening. What distinguishes it as a composition is how it unfolds, in particular a pause about a minute in and then again about a minute before the five-minute piece comes to a close. Both quiet moments remind the ear of the sonic content, waking you up to the atmospherics just as they get underway and just as they begin their slow fade to silence.


Norman Records Laurie



Shimmering Moods, the most honestly-named record label on the planet. No sooner had I hit the play button than I was greeted by a calming ambient swell, but what’s this? Some very interesting shimmer here, like a bath full of watery insects with an incense stick burning. Bliss.

Bliss is the word for Aoyama’s music, as you’d expect from ‘Moods, it’s all twinkly and carefully layered. Soft noise washes up and down the spectrum doing its best to mimic waves on a beach, which is coincidentally featured in the artwork. Literal ambient? Why not, journalists coin all sorts of bullshit to describe the weird thing we call music. Of course, you’ve got the indistinct melodic swells that ambient records can’t be released without, as well as some fuzz to counteract it. I’m trying to dismiss this in my head as ‘just another ambient thing’ but it’s just too peaceful so I’ll give up on that.

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鎌倉在住のアンビエントコンポーザーMICHIRU AOYAMAによる4th.アルバム「In a Dream」が登場。日々の生活の中で疲弊し逆立った神経を一本一本トリートメントして行くように慈悲深く、時に畏敬の念をも抱かせる筋の通った清麗なアンビエント傑作。リラクシンはもちろんメディテーションにも効果的。偶に背筋を正したくなる純粋な音。

Raffaello Rosso

Il titolo del brano d’apertura del quarto lavoro sulla lunga distanza di Michiru Aoyama suona un po’ come un manifesto programmatico: “To You, Relax” è insieme una dedica e un suggerimento, ma anche l’evidente finalità estetica dell’artista giapponese musicalmente formatosi a Berlino.Tutte le nove tracce di “In A Dream” perseguono tale intento, attraverso un delicato amalgama di layers sintetici, esili drone e frammenti naturalistici concreti sotto forma di field recordings.L’universo sonoro materializzato da Aoyama appare tuttavia ben distante da una concezione di rilassamento new age, bilanciando invece un saldo carattere organico con la consistenza immateriale di modulazioni ambientali purissime.


Paul (Shimmering Moods Records owner)


Michiru Aoyama is a 29 year old ambient composer from Kyoto. He studied electronic music in Berlin and the result of that journey led him to ambient music. Fast forward a couple of years and the young producer has managed to showcase an understanding of experimental music that rivals that of already established artists in the genre. His most recent piece, which holds the title “In A Dream” will be a true soundtrack for the ambient aficionado worldwide. The album opener To You, Relax, gently leads the listener into a warm and calm world where the noise of everyday life seems too far to notice and too soft to interrupt. Relaxation seems to be the name of the game and Aoyama sounds like a capable game master. Sparse layers of synths are laid on top of gentle drones and waves of field recordings and the result is a wonderfully serene experience. The music is exactly what it should be and nowhere does it feel like it becomes overly ambitious or eclectic, which does wonders for the consistency of the overall sound. Pure, organic sounding ambient music by Michiru Aoyama for Shimmering Moods Records. Highly limited CD, 100 hand-numbered copies with beautiful artwork in a special package with numbered photos.

ROSS DEVLIN (Tyny mix tapes)


In the summer, my Japanese doppelgänger, sporting a slightly different haircut and similar outfit to myself, is sitting in a forest drinking a glass bottle of pop and running his free hand through the grass in a steady rhythm. In the city, the rhythm is created for you and affects your heart rate. It affects the rate of your speech. You find yourself speeding up for no reason, he thinks. Out in the forest, you must create the rhythm yourself. Nature is infinitely random, but only up to a point where it is calculable, and then it is infinitely systematic. Before you find this point, he thinks, you must make sense of the randomness through rhythm. There are fireflies out – some seem very close, and he considers catching one in the now empty pop bottle, which the grass has furled around to clutch like a nest. Fireflies often appear close, but they are always far away. This is the way of all natural things: you can predict their position, and you can predict their momentum, but never both at the same time.

All things can be examined this way.

I have never been to Japan. I would accept an invitation to go without reticence. Japan seems like a country among few where intense, mindless consumption of the “hyperassimilation” way can co-exist with equally intense mindfulness.

Michiru Aoyama is a mindful experimental artist, and he takes into account the uncertainty – the unknowable-ness – of nature when composing. His graphical explanation of ambient music illustrates this perfectly. Some of his music seems frenetic, as simply a imperfect human reaction to the perfect stillness of nature. “ほたる” (“firefly”) is meditative, mindful ambient at its most calculated, with similar intentions of artists like Nicholas Szczepanick and Adam Worthan. Inspired by the patterned language of insects, the song transpires in quiet, slight movements, like the slow wave of a conductor’s hand.ほたる

David No Magic Man Records Owner)


Michiru Aoyama -音は光る-

Michiru Aoyama's "The Sound Is Shining" is one of our favourite discoveries of the year. Another fantastic release from the Organic Industries label, this album is ambience at its best. The record is imbued with a sense of cosmic drift but at times swells with a richness often lacking in ambient music. Simply stunning and highly recommended.

Andre Gansebohm ( Organic Industries Owner)


Michiru Aoyama -音は光る-

Michiru Aoyama visits his temple in the wee hours of morning and meditates until all “sound and non-sound begin to have a meaning” and shine for him. In these eight striking miniatures, he illuminates that meaning for us by melding, in the Zen spirit of forerunner John Cage, artifice, nature and technology.
Similarly perhaps to the feeling experienced while meditating, time passes rapidly. Aoyama first clears the cluttered mind with the exquisitely chiming and rotating “Air of Japan,” before lifting into a series of ambient washes and drones which do indeed dissolve the boundary between the microcosmos and the rest of the galaxy. Some are pure nothingness/everythingness drift, like “Slow Moment” and “Ginga,” some, like “Lake” and “Drop” descend deeply, and one, “A Summer without You,” is so freighted with emotion as to be wrenching. With 音は光る (The Sound Is Shining), Aoyama wordlessly reiterates the categorical Buddhist imperative against a worldview that segregates mind, body and environment.


Timo David Brice (somehowrecordings Owner)


Michiru Aoyama - About Alice -

Having clicked on his website, I instantly enjoyed viewing his webpages and more important, his sounds. Michiuru has produced a beautiful textured album for Somehow which embarks on a journey of short fluxed pieces that have a certain feel of well being. They attract you to the height, then delicately let you go, once you feel you are fully with them.

My favorite track throughout this beautifully scored album, is Invisible, truly atmospheric and full in it's sound. I think Aoyama has big big albums left in his armory, and we at Somehow sincerely hope he moves forward with ease.

Limited copies available at Somehow.

Michiru Aoyama - About Alice - SR53